Correios de Cabo Verde

Correios de Cabo Verde

Cabo Verde is one of the most stable countries in Africa in terms of socio-politics. With a population of slightly more than 540,000 the country boasts one of the highest literacy rates (90%). It is to be noted that the diaspora is larger than the local population which can play an important role in the money remittance and e-commerce sectors. Due to the lack of mineral resources the nation has rather successfully developed its services and tourism industries. The national post is one of the oldest companies serving the local population, with a history of more than 160 years. Following the independence of the country in 1975 the UPU membership was signed in the year of 1976. The Postal and Telecommunication services were formalized into a Public Company in 1981 and later splitted into separate companies in 1995, giving birth to Correios de Cabo Verde SARL, which is the legal entity currently operating the postal services.

Gov. Authority Ministério do Turismo e Transporte (Ministry of Tourism and Transport)
Regulator To be completed
Designated Operator Correios de Cabo Verde
Monopoly/reserved services To be completed
National Addressing No S42 standard, 90% of streets do not have names, adopted Open Location Code system of Google
Participation in UPU Prog. EAD CUSTOM DECLARATION Mobile App in cooperation with UPU

E-Commerce Context:

Cabo Verde is a small market with about 560,000 population but both the internet penetration rate and the social media rate is at 62% of the total population and both segments are growing by 10% per year. As for the Mobile connections the penetration has surpassed the 100% bar. It is to be noted that more than half of the population in Cabo Verde has a credit card, second only to Gabon which is leading the African continent in terms of consumer card adoption with a rate of 62% of the population. Unfortunately, there seem to be limited door delivery service in Cabo Verde making B2C e-commerce rather difficult as buyers need to use a PO Box.

Local E-Commerce Champions (Alexa Ranking)

Name Rank Technology Target Export Business Type E-Payment
Africa Business Pages 262,445 Custom Javascript B2B No Directory No 187,337 Custom Javascript B2C No Classifieds No No Data WordPress B2C No Marketplace Yes
Cabo Verde Online 3,636,471 Joomla B2C No Marketplace Yes

Global E-Marketplaces Presence of local sellers (Benchmark with Thailand)

Name Cape Verde Thailand Number of Query to reproduce results NA 8,021 Seller Accounts Cape Verde + Filter Supplier Country:Cape Verde NA 67 Seller Accounts Cape Verde + Country: Cape Verde 8,760 1,067,011 Product Listings Cape Verde + Advanced search filter location:Cape Verde NA 14,081 Dress Listings Dress + All Filters > Shop Location:Cape Verde
Director General

Post Ecom Ecosystem

Post Code Lookup
Postal E-Shop
SSL Certificate
Track & Trace

Ecom Regulations

Consumer Protection
Cyber Crime Laws
Data Protection
E-transaction Law

Payment Solutions


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Not S42 Compliant

World Indexes (country performance)

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Country Performance

Cabo Verde has not been studied by the UNCTAD B2C E-commerce, the GSMA Mobile Connectivity nor the NRI Network Index. This is most probably due to the fact that Cabo Verde is a low populated Island nation and non-English speaking. As for the 3 indexes where Cabo Verde has been surveyed, we observe a slight loss of the score of the UPU Index down from 91st position to 93rd. And a large loss for the ITU Cybersecurity and the OECD trade facilitation indexes.

Postal Statistics & Performance

Full Time Employees:
% MGMT Staff:
% Delivery Staff:
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Office of Exchanges:
Sorting Centers:
Rapid Post Offices:
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E-Merchants (PSP):
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Network Connected Offices:
Parcel Lockers/PUDO/CMBs:
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