Barbados Postal Services

Barbados Postal Services

The Barbados Postal Services started offering its services as early as 1663 which makes it one of the oldest postal services. It joined the UPU in 1967. In 1984 Barbados Postal Services negotiated their first Express Mail Service (EMS) agreement to the USA and the UK. As of today the Post counts 19 offices around the Island Nation and offers door to door delivery to over 90,000 households. Barbados Postal Services is also affiliated with the Caribbean Postal Union and the Conference of Commonwealth Postal Administrators (CCPA).

Gov. Authority Ministry of Home Affairs
Regulator Government
Designated Operator Barbados Postal Services (B.P.S)
Monopoly/reserved services To be completed
National Addressing Addressing system includes street/av., sub-locality, locality and postal code but not yet S42 compliant
Participation UPU Prog. IPDP 2019 / TBC

E-Commerce Context:

Although being a small market, the Barbados e-commerce landscape is rather an advanced and active one. Card payment providers are available through local banks and Paypal, although the fees are on the high side averaging 4% and above. There are 2 bottle necks that are impacting further development of E-commerce in Barbados:

  1. A 2% tax for foreign exchange transactions and authorizations render foreign payment providers and or export sales less competitive.
  2. Local Banks are still requiring high levels of security deposits of up to 20% over a year, which is a great cashflow challenge for SMEs.

Beside these difficulties, the market is very much B2C oriented and local consumers are offered various payment methods and a next day delivery for most of the locations on the Island thanks to the Postal Parcel services and their 19 offices.

Local E-Commerce Champions (Alexa Ranking)

Name World Rank Technology Main Target Export Business Type E-Payment
H1Ad 5,452 OS Class PHP  B2C No Classifieds No
Wall Classifieds 6,062 OS Class PHP  B2C No Classifieds No
Tradeboss 276,814 Custom PHP B2B No Directory No
EasyAisle 283,075 WordPress  B2C No Marketplace Yes
Directory Barbados 1,332,094 Subrion  B2B No Directory No
Cartersonline 1,404,948 Magento 2  B2C No Marketplace Yes
Pricewhirl 1,998,687 OpenCart B2C No Marketplace Yes
OLC 3,621,610 Shopify  B2C No Marketplace Yes
Best of Barbados 3,507,760 BigCommerce  B2C No Marketplace Yes
barbadosshops 7,666,631 WordPress B2C No Marketplace Yes

Global E-Marketplaces Presence of local sellers (Benchmark with Thailand)

Name Barbados Thailand Number of Query to reproduce results NA 8,021 Seller Search keyword:Barbados + Filter Supplier Country:Barbados 8 67 Seller Search keyword:Barbados + Country: Barbados 36,018 1,067,011 Listings Search keyword:Barbados + Advanced search filter location:Barbados 27 14,081 Listings Search keyword: Dress + All Filters > Shop Location: Barbados
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Post Ecom Ecosystem

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Not S42 Compliant

World Indexes (country performance)

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% Delivery Staff:
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Country Performance

The Barbados Postal Services is under-represented on the international global performance indicators. It is yet to be assessed by the B2C E-commerce Index of UNCTAD as well as the NRI and LPI indexes. As for the other performance indicators the Barbados postal operator has seen a reduction of its performance on all 3 indexes where it has been featured and scored. The most significant regression is with the ITU Cybersecurity index where the country has lost 34 positions. Barbados had initially signed an agreement with ITU back in 2013 to establish a National Computer Incident Response Team (CIRT), and we speculate that this regression could be related to the non-implementation or non-maintenance of the CIRT system

Postal Statistics & Performance

Full Time Employees:
% MGMT Staff:
% Delivery Staff:
Post Offices / inhabitant:
Office of Exchanges:
Sorting Centers:
Rapid Post Offices:
Post Office Boxes:
E-Merchants (PSP):
Remote E-MGMT Sys:
Home Delivery Coverage:
Network Connected Offices:
Parcel Lockers/PUDO/CMBs:
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